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Variable Attenuators

Variable Optical Attenuator (VOA) is a double window (1310/1550nm) of passive components. The Fiber optic variable optical attenuator could continually and variably attenuate the light intensity in the optical fiber transmission. Variable fiber optic attenuator cable could help simulate distance or actual attenuation in the fiber optic testing work by inserting a calibrated attenuation into the link. By using the variable optical attenuator (VOA), technicians could verify the power margin received by testing the fiber optic link power budget. Fiber optic VOA can help user vary the light power injected from a light source into the optical fiber. Important parameter of variable fiber attenuator include its insertion loss, reflection loss and attenuation range. We supply ST, FC, SC, LC variable Attenuators with APC, UPC type. Attenuation range available is from 1dB to 30dB.

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